Orthopedic Hospital
Specialized in Shoulder Treatment

Reliable NARSHA

We strive to build a reliable hospital for patients with professional medical specialists, cutting-edge facilities, and a systematic diagnosis/treatment system.

Leading NARSHA

We strive to be a leading hospital through academic research about shoulder treatment, and training programs for orthopedic specialists.

Patient-centered NARSHA

We strive to be a patient-centered hospital which provides optimal treatments and services tailored to an individual patient.

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Narsha Diagnostic System

The successful treatment starts from an accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis system includes physical examination of orthopedic specialists, cutting-edge MRI scans, and collaboration with other three departments. Narsha hospital accurately identifies the cause of patients’ shoulder pain, and provides optimal non-surgical or surgical treatments for patients.


Germ-free Surgical Environment

All the operating rooms satisfy international standards (ISO 5, CLASS 100) for a high air quality, which provide patients with a safe and germ-free surgical environment. Narsha hospital utilizes systems to maintain a high air quality in operating rooms and sterilization centers. A fan filter system in each operating room efficiently circulates air through multiple HEPA filters.


Physical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is another important step for patients to recover from shoulder surgery. Physical therapists at Narsha hospital have various domestic and international certificates. The certified physical therapists provide patients with individualized rehabilitation services with a systematic manual and equipment.


Comprehensive Nursing Care Service

Narsha hospital offers Comprehensive Nursing Care Service to patients. Nurses and nursing assistants help patients stay in hospital with comfort for 24 hours. Patients do not need to worry about having families or caregivers in hospital after surgery. Narsha hospital provides the professional care service for patients and their families with sincerity and respect.


Patient Meals

A dietitian at Narsha hospital prepares patient meals with sufficient nutrition, good taste, and colorfulness. The meals are provided three times a day. When requested, special diet meals are provided after counseling. The dietitians' healthy meals will make patients' hospital stay happier.